Why pmCMS?

  • pmCMS is a slim and very efficient content management system. It makes it possible for you, to change contents and layout of your website with each Web browser while the system is running.

  • pmCMS was developed with highest flexibility and easy operation in focus.

  • pmCMS permits to work on the individual pages using your favorite browser with an WYSIWYG editor.

  • pmCMS is the first content management system that protects you and your customers against viruses on your web pages.

  • pmCMS uses Stylesheets (CSS), and additonal offers the possibility of making side or field formatting and reaches thereby a flexibility, which looks for their-same.

Independence of languages in pmCMS

Today it is, more than ever, important, to reach also customers in other language areas and countries. Therefore you will need a content management which permits it to arrange webpages multilingual and allow the user to use the language his preffered language.
  • pmCMS is 100% language independent

  • pmCMS enables you to easily adapt the menue, each page and even the images on each page, to the desired language, without affecting any page in another language.